• Q3A edition 2018

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Marina Baranova’s latest program is based on the graceful and deeply moving music of baroque period – original works by Handel, Rameau, Bach and others provide a foundation for the brilliant, sometimes jazz-like improvisations and deeply personal reinterpretations.

Combining classical music structures with jazz gestures and modern pop references, she creates in sight of the public audacious hybrids which are driven by reviving the baroque art of ornamental extemporization and a curiosity about new narrative possibilities that grow out of the interweaving between contemporary music styles and antique masterpieces.


Ed Carlsen is an Italian-born composer/producer based in Copenhagen. He has been playing music for 20+ years, first through classical piano lessons in his early childhood and subsequently as a guitarist interested in rock, reggae, prog and classical.

Seeking to marry his musical knowledge with production techniques, Ed graduated in Music Technology at the London College of Music in 2016. There, he gained an interest in sound design and making music for film and visual media which led to his vision for his debut album, ‘The Journey Tapes’, released by Moderna Records in 2016. Ed produced ‘We Look For You Everyday’, a vinyl-only piece to be released by Thesis (the newest project of acclaimed graphic designer and artist Gregory Euclide) and is ready to release his next solo record ‘Elusive Frames’ in 2017.


Illuminine is a musical project helmed by Flemish composer Kevin Imbrechts, who has released two albums; the first, eponymously titled debut landed in 2015, and this year’s excellent follow-up, #2. Mixed at Sigur Rós’ Sundlaugin Studio in Iceland, the music is a seamless blend of neo-classical music with post rock and ambient influences.

“Every composition is linked to a specific moment in my life, often with major significance. But it’s not important that people know what inspired the music. Everyone can and should project their own ideas and feelings onto the music. Based on the reactions I get, I have the impression that’s successful. Instrumental music is more powerful than vocal music with clear lyrics; it’s much more telling.”

Illuminine is currently working on the third album, which will be released in autumn 2018.


Takeshi Nishimoto (born in Fukuoka, Japan) is a classically-trained guitarist and composer who is conversant with European, Northern Indian, and American jazz classical traditions. In addition to collaborations with diverse artists late sitar master Rahul Sakyaputra to I’m Not a Gun associate John Tejada, Nishimoto has also performed extensively as a solo artist.

Since 2002, Nishimoto has been signed to UK/Germany based Record Label, City-Centre-Offices and performed major venues and festivals in the USA, Japan and throughout Europe. Nishimoto is currently involved in many projects, ranging from soundtracks to gallery-based sound installations. His unique style of guitar playing makes him both a much sought after collaborator and mentor for a broad range of musical projects.


Carlos Cipa is a composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Munich. He has been classically trained on the piano and studied contemporary classical composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich. Experimenting with different instruments and styles of music, he turned back to the piano to release his debut “The Monarch and the Viceroy” on Denovali Records in 2012.  Over the last couple of years Carlos Cipa played over 120 concerts all over Europe and shared the stage with like-minded musicians like Hauschka, Ólafur Arnalds and Valgeir Sigurdsson.

“All Your Life You Walk” is his long awaited second solo album. Carlos Cipa created unique contemporary compositions fraught with beauty, tension and emotional intensity, clearly presenting the unique voice of a young composer.


Tobias Lichtmann makes music, creates events, DJs and teaches.

“I soundtrack the difference between what you get and what you feel you should have gotten: Therefore, my music sounds ∆ (say: Delta). It soundtracks the difference between reality and your wishful thinking. Gloomy moods trigger technoid to industrial tunes. With sunshine on my mind, the tracks turn out to be laid back and loungy.”


Kinbrae is the musical project of twin brothers Andrew & Michael Truscott, based in Edinburgh and Dundee, Scotland. Kinbrae play a mixture of brass, acoustic guitar, percussion and musique concrete to create a uniquely experimental yet accessible form of ambient, classical music. They have shared the stage with a number of notable acts such as Hauschka, Noveller, Lubomyr Melnyk and Ben Chatwin.

In November 2016 the band released their debut studio album ‘Tidal Patterns’ on 1631 Recordings, an album that explores remoteness, seclusion and the feelings that these can invoke. This was then followed by a collaboration with Tony Dekker of Canadian band Great Lake Swimmers as part of artist Gregory Euclide’s THESIS Project.

The brothers are currently working on their next album with the aim of releasing this towards the end of 2018.


Christoph Berg is a composer and musician living and working in Berlin, focusing on chamber music and music for film. The violinist is also releasing electroacoustic music as Field Rotation.

“I’m maybe mostly influenced by all the pieces I had to work on for my violin and piano lessons and all the symphonies and orchestral works I played as a member of the various ensembles and orchestras I already mentioned before. It always was a very detailed work, to know every single note, how it fits to a phrase and how this phrase is then connected to the piece as a whole.”

Christoph Berg has released music with Fluid Audio, hibernate, and most recently Denovali Records.


Lisa Morgenstern is a German / Bulgarian pianist, singer and composer who has established a reputation for her intensely emotional performance style.The daughter of two orchestral musicians, Lisa was exposed to music from a very young age and displayed a natural affinity towards the piano. As a teenager, she also trained as a professional ballet dancer, something that’s lent a unique elegance and poise to her music.

Her debut full length, ‘Amphibian’, was self-released three years ago, and its atmospheric production and dark subject matter earned plaudits for its romanticism, while a follow up EP, ‘Metamorphoses’, pursued a similar aesthetic and saw Lisa touring through Germany and beyond.

Her new upcoming, ‘Chameleon’ – recorded in collaboration with renowned Berlin based producer and cellist Sebastian Plano – finds her taking huge strides and dramatically expanding her range, employing a contemporary approach to electronics and songwriting while embracing her background in classical music.


Andrea Belfi is a drummer, composer and experimental musician. Through the last twenty years he has developed a unique style of drumming, influenced by his many experiences with experimental and electronic music, rock, improv. His hypnotic rhythms and textures create immersive soundscapes for the listener to float in.

He has released five solo albums and more than fifty collaborative records on labels such as ROOM40, Miasmah, Häpna, Die Schachtel, Constellation, Blue Chopsticks. He has collaborated, among others, with Mike Watt, Carla Bozulich, David Grubbs, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Nils Frahm, Greg Haines, Circuit des Yeux, Andrea Parkins, Werner Dafeldecker, Erik Skodvin, Stefano Pilia, Aidan Baker, Lori Goldston, BjNilsen.

Belfi’s interest in contemporary art led him to exhibit sound-art installations throughout Europe and U.S. and to collaborate with visual artists like Angela Bulloch and Aldo Tambellini. AB has performed at Centre Pompidou (Paris), Unsound Festival (Krakow), Cafè Oto (London), Issue Project Room (New York), GAS festival (Göteborg) and Artplay (Moscow).


‘Hybrid’ is a word that’s always been vital to CEEYS’ vocabulary, but its application isn’t limited to the manner in which cellist Sebastian Selke and his brother, pianist Daniel Selke, combine their two instruments so harmoniously. Instead, like the duo’s very name – which merges the words ‘violoncelle’ (cello) and ‘keys’ –  it’s reflective of their overall aesthetic, one in which they integrate the many ingredients that have helped shape them as both musicians and people.

For the Selkes, the idea of bridging divides resonates in a particularly powerful fashion: the two brothers, now based in Potsdam, grew up in East Berlin during the final decade of the German Democratic Republic. CS’ award-winning work is provoked by their urge to explore recollections of their youth, both before and after the fall of the regime, and to apply those lessons and influences to contemporary music.


Artist and philosopher Dirk Markham grew up in Scotland and has been based in Berlin for the past 14 years. His passion for music is both personal – as a fan and musician in his own right, as well as professional – as part of the hardware development team at Native Instruments. Besides all this Dirk is a long term editor of the Digital in Berlin project which includes a monthly radio show, online magazine and hosting regular events.


Paddy Mulcahy is a composer/producer from Limerick City, Ireland. Since 2014, Paddy has been an active producer known for his use of   analogue synthesizers and mesmerizing piano patterns. Following early experiments with jungle/drum&bass music, Paddy began to self-release electronic music – starting with the 4track EP entitled Memory Season. Notable performances in recent years include the launch of Nils Frahm’s SHEETS EINS book and playing support to Lubomyr Melnyk on his first Irish performance.

In 2016, Paddy released 2 solo piano EP’s with 1631 Recordings. ‘Tape Sketches’ and ‘twenty six’ were both ambient piano recordings that acted as a precursor to the composer’s 2017 self-released album The Words She Said. Paddy will release From Water EP in May 2018 with Phases Records.


After his study of violoncello at the conservatory of Naples, Enzo Caterina toured many years as a chamber musician through Europe. Influenced by playing in jazz and rock bands he has been composing his own music since several years and gets inspired by nature and meditation.Quiet and powerful at the same time – cellist and composer Enzo Caterino is known for sending his audience on a journey.

With his meditative, poetic sounds he plays not only solo but creates with his CelLooProject the illusion of a full orchestra. Thereby he records with a loop station tone by tone and reproduces by endless looping complex, experimental melodies.


Marco Caricola has recently emerged as a name to watch within the contemporary classical music scene as a composer for visual arts. Hailing from the city of Bari, a stones throw away from the Adriatic Sea, this young multi-instrumentalist moved to London in early 2013 to form his own musical identity and concretise his productions of ‘music for picture’. As of today, Marco’s soundtracks have been presented in renowned film events such as BFI, Los Angeles CineFest and Toronto Short Film Festival.

In 2016, Marco released his debut album “Innerfin” on 1631 Recordings, collecting soundtracks written over three years. Shortly after, Marco also contributed music to the promotional campaign for C. Eastwood’s movie “Sully”, later on achieving recognition at the annual Global Trailer Awards.


Kelly Wyse is a pianist, composer and teacher who in 2016 relocated to Berlin from Seattle. He holds a Bachelor of Music from Cornish College of the Arts in piano performance and has recorded, performed or collaborated with a variety of groups and individuals including Pollens, X-Ray Press, Loscil, Orcas, Rafael Anton Irisarri, and The Seattle Pianist Collective.

He is the founder and curator of the Modellbahn concert series in Berlin.


Music by Hania Rani can be classified as belonging to the modern classic genre, which is expressed through a new approach to classical music forms and using acoustic instrumentation. Her compositions for piano solo were born out of her fascination with this instrument and her desire to interpret its sound and harmonic possibilities in her own way. That’s how she created a cycle of pieces which are varied in character and sound; through them, the artist aims to project the sense of unlimited space and time, thus drawing associations to places of special importance to her understanding of music: Bieszczady mountains and Iceland.


Swedish musicians Jakob Lindhagen and Sofia ”Vargkvint” Nystrand have recently made names for themselves within the modern classical world – Jakob as film music composer, to i.e Cannes-competing ”Push it” and Prix Europa-nominated ”Skörheten” (Fragility) and with solo album ”Paces”, released in 2017 by contemporary classical label 1631 Recordings. Vargkvint originally self-released her debut-EP ”Brus” in 2016, and had it reissued by French label Soft Recordings in 2017. Both acts focus on combining evocative melodies with inventive instrument usage.


Masayoshi Fujita, the Berlin-based Japanese vibraphone player, also known under his alias el fog came to the attention of label founder Robert Raths a few years ago. Not only because the vibraphone is an intriguing instrument, but also the way Masayoshi treats his instrument and draws ethereal and layered sounds, is what truly attracted him to Masayoshi’s work.

Having released more ambient-based/electronic recordings of the vibraphone under el fog, Masa became more interested in the sound of the vibraphone itself and started to compose acoustic piece, releasing his first solo album under his real name, titled ‘Stories’, in early 2013. ‘Apologues’ sees Masayoshi for the first time use an array of instruments besides his lead instrument – such as the violin, cello, flute, clarinet, French horn, accordion, piano and snare drum played by friends, but arranged by Masa himself.

“My idea was to let those instruments express their own images or atmospheres that each instruments have by nature, or have been given in their history, and not treating them just as accompaniments of the vibraphone. Also, it was new for me to compose a song as a whole. As I wrote the vibraphone part first, I tried to hear other sounds in my head and tried to leave enough room for them and sometimes play only fundamental parts on the vibes.”


Berlin-based multimedia artist Diane Barbé combines experimental music, field recording, voice, radio and video to explore sonic dreams and ambient stories. Fascinated with the varied landscapes of the French countryside, she developed her photographic practice as a meditation and contemplation of time and space. Working as a researcher in architectural history and urban design, she realised the need to explore sonic dimensions in order to understand and explore our environments to the fullest. She was trained as a recordist with Felix Blume and has been performing as a DJ for ambient and environmental music under the moniker Diaphane.


Oliver Hölcke is a passionate ambient music lover, who organized the first cinematic ambient concert at the chapel of the St. Matthäus Kirchhof in 2017. He worked in several radio stations as a presenter and editor and amongst other shows hosted a “psychedelic chill out”-programm in the 90ties. Now he works in public relations and DJs from time to time.



Doors 18:30 – Concerts 19:00-22:00

Marina Baranova

Ed Carlsen


Takeshi Nishimoto

Carlos Cipa

Tobias Lichtmann (DJ)


Doors 18:30 • Concerts 19:00-22:00


Christoph Berg

Lisa Morgenstern

Andrea Belfi


Dirk Markham (DJ)


Doors 16:00 • Concerts 16:30-20:00

Paddy Mulcahy

Enzo Caterino

Marco Caricola

Kelly Wyse

Hania Rani

Jakob Lindhagen & Vargkvint

Masayoshi Fujita

Diane Barbé

Oliver Hölcke (DJ)