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The Oriel Quartett believes that music is exchange. Its members’ mission is to expand the horizons of quartet-playing through collaboration, experimentation and innovation. This wide-reaching inquiry has led to an array of enriching artistic combinations, winning the hearts of novice concert-goers and seasoned musos alike.

After springing to life at the Royal College of Music in London, the quartet put down substantial roots in Berlin in 2010. Here, notwithstanding having previously enjoyed a variety of grand venues like the National Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum, the quartet embraced the grit of Berlin, favouring ruins, building sites, clubs and all-but-abandoned churches for its interdisciplinary events.

In these eclectic settings they play Byrd, Cage, Mozart, Muhly, Purcell, Pärt, Vivaldi, Vasks, Reich, Riley and an array of pop, jazz, tango and rock. They are inclined to mix the very old with the new.


After the acclaimed release of his debut solo album “Menschen und Orte” (People and Places), Clemens Christian Pötzsch now presents excerpts of his new program. At solo concerts in Japan and England, the band “Masaa” has expanded the pianist and composer’s sound universe – in addition to piano sounds, there are also some electronic elements and field recordings that create images of great power and depth.

Musically, the young Leipziger hovers between Chilly Gonzales, Keith Jarret and Ludovico Einaudi. He creates incredibly touching-poetic piano pieces full of power and depth. His new album “Remember Tomorrow” will be released in 2019 at the Berlin label “Neue Meister”.


AVA is a cinematic composer duo led by Anna Phoebe and Aisling Brouwer. Their first two EP’s, Waves and In Motion, released in the first half of 2018, received outstanding reviews and got radio play on BBC 6 (Mary Anne Hobbs), BBC 3 (Elizabeth Alker), BBC London (Nikki Bedi), as well as stations in Germany, Canada, and Ireland.

The two composers started writing together in 2016, combining backgrounds which result in haunting electronic soundscapes with violin and piano at the heart of it.

London-based Anna is a renowned violinist and performer, who has toured the world with artists such as Roxy Music, Oi Va Voi, Jethro Tull, Jon Lord, Trans- Siberian Orchestra, and is currently working with Nitin Sawhney. She has performed on the top international stages including arenas across the USA, the Royal Albert Hall, RFH, Glastonbury, and Sonar Festival.

Aisling is a Berlin-based ambient classical producer and pianist, with an extensive background in film & tv that has seen her music featured at the Sundance, Tribeca, and Berlinale Film Festivals as well as various shows on primetime tv.


As an artist LAVALU scratches the back of classical music while poking the fires of pop. She recently wrote and recorded a contemporary song cycle, inspired by composers such as Schubert and Debussy.

“Piano. Voice. Honest and bare.”

Lyrics that can be read as stories about blunt desire. She’s a contemporary romantic. ‘Solitary High’ is her finest work to date. She has succeeded in developing a style in which influences of the great singer-songwriters and composers can be heard, combined. This is today’s chamber music.


‘Bittersweet string-based drones’ – The Wire

Simon Goff is a British multi-instrumentalist and composer currently based between Berlin, DE and Yorkshire, UK. A multi-genre musician, classically trained as a violinist, he has worked with artists creating string arrangements, sound installations and interactive live dance performances. In his own music he focuses on string instruments and electronic processing to create atmospheric textures that move and evolve over long durations.

He performs extensively throughout Europe with a diverse range of bands and ensembles including Aidan Baker (Alien8, Gizeh), Andrea Belfi (Miasmah, Constellation), Bee and Flower (Neurot), Molecular (members of Swans, Enablers), Paul Watson (Sparklehorse, Orthatonics), Peter Broderick (Erased Tapes) Thor Harris (Swans, Thor and Friends) and more.

Simon Goff is an assistant engineer at Vox-Ton studios in Berlin working with Francesco Donadello on projects with the likes of Johann Johannsson, Dustin O’Halleron, Hauschka and Erased Tapes Records.


Tobias Lichtmann makes music, creates events, DJs and teaches.

“I soundtrack the difference between what you get and what you feel you should have gotten: Therefore, my music sounds ∆ (say: Delta). It soundtracks the difference between reality and your wishful thinking. Gloomy moods trigger technoid to industrial tunes. With sunshine on my mind, the tracks turn out to be laid back and loungy.”


Aidan Baker is a classically-trained multi-instrumentalist using the electric guitar as his primary instrument. Using prepared and alternate methods of playing the guitar, along with various electronic effects, Baker creates music which generally falls within the ambient/experimental genre but draws on in uences from post-rock, shoegaze, electronica, neo-classical, and jazz.

A highly prolific artist, Baker has released numerous recorded works, both solo and with various group projects—most notably his dreamsludge duo project, Nadja, and including collaborations with Tim Hecker, Carla Bozulich, e Jesus Lizard’s Mac McNeilly, among others—on such independent labels as Gizeh Records, Important Records, Alien8 Recordings, and his own imprint, Broken Spine Productions. A frequent live performer, Baker has toured extensively around the world, including appearances at such international festivals as FIMAV, SXSW, Incubate, Unsound, and Mutek, to name a few.

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Baker currently resides in Berlin, Germany.

F.S. Blumm & Marc Marcovic

F.S.Blumm (born ’68) was trained in classical guitar in Bremen and completed his studies in 1996 (art & music LA) with the theme ‘Interdisciplinary Art Flows and Fluxus’. Since then he works in Berlin as a musician and composer (including collaborations with Nils Frahm and David Grubbs). He also creates radio drama and has released materials with labels like Morr-Music, Dust Gold, Sonic Pieces, Pingipung, etc. His radio plays have been broadcast across the world and performed live Stefan with Kaminski, Christian Berner and Britta Steffenhagen. F.S.Blumm has toured internationally in Canada, USA, Mexico, Japan, India, Bangladesh and across Europe.

Marc Marcovic sees himself as the son of endogenous, musical illusionism –an avowed wanderer between the worlds. In the traditional line of autohypnotists, every once in a while he breaks a lance for improvisation as the highest form of art. Through the acoustic genre, he masters the one-tone zen guitar and immediately sings all the languages that do not exist. Connoisseurs of the scene call him “the singing misunderstanding”, perhaps partly because of contradictory outward appearance. As a partner in the spirit, Marc the master of noises finds at his side F.S. Blumm.


SNOWDROPS brings together the composer and Ondes Martenot virtuoso Christine Ott and multi-instrumentalist Mathieu Gabry. “When, in 1928, Maurice Martenot creates for the first time the ‘Ondes’ that are to make him famous, he does not suspect that 80 years later, a small red-haired smuggler will strive to cross borders to his invention, ancestor of synthesizer.” (Les Inrockuptibles). Christine Ott has published two albums: Solitude Nomade in 2009 and Only Silence Remains in 2016. She also collaborated with Yann Tiersen, Tindersticks or Radiohead.

Lighting designer during the day and musician at night (or vice versa), Mathieu Gabry is working the «light matter» and the «sound matter» by the same way. Following his meeting with Christine Ott in 2014, they formed the SNOWDROPS duo to create music together for theatrical plays, film concerts, and forms of «immersive» concerts with a cinematographic and visual dimension, each adapted to different venues and festivals (such as the ‘Opéra de Lyon’ or the Archaeological Crypt of Paris). They composed in 2018 the original score for the movie ‘Manta Ray’ by Phuttiphong Aroonpheng, which received the Orizzonti Best Movie Award at Venice Film Festival.


Post-classical artist Poppy Ackroyd released her first full-length album, Resolve, with Björk’s One Little Indian Records. A classically trained pianist, violinist, producer, and composer, Ackroyd turned heads in the neo-classical world with her previous works Escapement and Feathers, as well as her involvement in Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts).

“Clicking, whirring, and lots of other onomatapoeia-ing goes on as soft piano and somber violin trace an intricate emotional arc.”
 – Spin

Having played alongside giants of the genre, Hauschka and Nils Frahm, the unique musician has returned, newly signed to Bjork’s label One Little Indian Records, fresh off the back of a mini-album Sketches, and set to release her brand new self-produced full-length record – her most ambitious and progressive piece of work to date.

Through studying contemporary classical piano works and listening to electronic music, Ackroyd quickly developed her signature compositional style on previous albums, using contemporary pianistic ideas whilst also inhabiting the world of sound beyond the keyboard, using extended techniques to ‘play’ other parts of the instruments as well. The artist works by recording improvised contemporary classical piano motifs and then rearranging and manipulating these sounds digitally. The result is a fantastic fusion of acoustic and electronic in a post-classical setting.



‘Hybrid’ is a word that’s always been vital to CEEYS’ vocabulary, but its application isn’t limited to the manner in which cellist Sebastian Selke and his brother, pianist Daniel Selke, combine their two instruments so harmoniously. Instead, like the duo’s very name – which merges the words ‘violoncelle’ (cello) and ‘keys’ –  it’s reflective of their overall aesthetic, one in which they integrate the many ingredients that have helped shape them as both musicians and people.

For the Selkes, the idea of bridging divides resonates in a particularly powerful fashion: the two brothers, now based in Potsdam, grew up in East Berlin during the final decade of the German Democratic Republic. CS’ award-winning work is provoked by their urge to explore recollections of their youth, both before and after the fall of the regime, and to apply those lessons and influences to contemporary music.


Stereo Hypnosis was formed between field recording and photo sessions in the remote island of Flatey in 2006. They have an organic sound, serene and down tempo electronica, climbing the unforgiving Icelandic highlands. Combined of Thorkell Atlasson, and father and son Óskar Thorarensen (one of the founders of the 1984 collective Brut art group Inferno 5) and Pan Thorarensen.

Stereo Hypnosis has released six albums: Parallel Island, Hypnogogia, Synopsis (in collaboration with the Italian sound artist Pulse) Glossolalia, Morphic Ritual & Toqqissivoq (in collaboration with Futuregrapher).

Pan and Oskar, have combined over forty years of musical carer in Iceland, and are well know and respected for their works. For the past seven years Stereo Hypnosis have been touring various countries around the Globe. They are also leading promoters in the Icelandic Electronic scene and founders of “Extreme Chill,” an annual electronic music festival which has drawn both local and foreign electronic music enthusiasts into the amber embrace of Icelandic nature.

Thorkell has been involved in classical contemporary music and pop music from his young age. He has worked as a composer and electronic musician in Rotterdam Holland and also he studied classical guitar. His works have been performed all around Europe and America.

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